Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Weekend Off

I was going to post two more members of my family request today, but I am going to save that for Monday or possibly Tuesday.  I need to give my body some rest after a few weeks of solid sewing.  My shoulders and neck are sore all of a sudden and my little fingers have started doing their tremor dance again.  It has been so humid here in Bloomington, so I am sure that has something to do with it.  

Joseph and I saw WallE last night----very cute and sweet even though it was a little "message-y". WallE kept reminding me of my dog, Albert.  However, no animation beats Triplets of Belleville in my book, I can't think of that movie without getting wonder-eyed.

Have a lovely weekend!



Have a good rest! The triplets of Bellville! Amazing! :)

Queen of Light and Joy said...

when my husband asked me to watch 3X of bellville, i thought he was drunk. it looked a little "sketchy," which is bizzare for me to say because I am the artist of the house and love all things awesome. and boy was i wrong... 3X of bellville was AMAZING. one of the best films for me.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Have a great weekend Nichol!
Hug Albert for me!
:) Melissa

Crystal said...

We saw Wall-E too. I thought it was cute.

ArtMind said...

How I loved seeing the triplets of Belleville!