Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Painted Faces and Little Friends

I wanted to try something new, so I made some animal hooded pillow people with painted faces and little friends.  It feels good to smoosh around paint for a change.  Change is good.  Maybe I'll dye my hair pink for a personal change, though I don't know how that will mix with the never ending job search.  Maybe it will help.  So, anyway----

Here is Felicity and Felix.  Felix is an alley cat who dresses for success.  His favorite music is Jazz.  Felicity has a soft spot for stray cats and admires Felix's fashion sense so she always leaves him warm milk outside of her door in her fanciest bowls.  Felix appreciates this greatly.  Felicity also likes Jazz music.  She plays the saxophone and the drums.  She is shy though, so she is not in a band, but she is training herself to play the saxophone one-handed, so that her other hand will be free to drum.  This way, she can be a one-woman Jazz band.  Felix admires Felicity's resourcefulness.

Delilah got Donovan for her birthday.  He is the happiest frog.  Delilah's mind was blown when her older, wiser sister let her know that at one point Donovan was a tadpole and swam in the sea.  She thinks her sister maybe joking, but part of her believes it to be true.  Delilah does everything with Donovan.  They cloud watch, listen to the birds sing, admire wild flowers and tell each other secrets.  Donovan is teaching Delilah what a true friend is and Delilah is oh so grateful.  It is a secret, but Delilah has been collecting flies for her chivalrous friend.  On his birthday she is going to give them to him in a mason jar with a bright red bow on top.  Catching flies is gross, but she can do it for a very good friend.

Felicity and Felix are here in my shop and Delilah and Donovan are over here in my shop!


sheridan said...

They are just lovely Nichol - and I love pink with red and white polka-dots. Love seeing each new creation.

tower creations said...

I like the painting. its nice to mix things up. is that acrylic? it looks so smooth. me likey.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

oh nichol!
these are so special. i love their painted faces! they are beautiful. you are so talented!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Nice work! I'm scared to even try painting a face. These pairs are very cute with so much great detail.

Crafty Red Fox said...

Terrific faces! Really beautiful. It's so interesting to see the evolution of your PMs throughout the blog. Keep up the amazing work!