Sunday, June 15, 2008

GIVEAWAY! In honor of Teeny-Tiny-Humble Things

Yay!  Hurray for a giveaway!  Here are the lovely ladies.

Katrina, Mallory, Midge and Beatrice

Here is how it works:

*  Leave a comment with your name and a way to contact you.
*  Include the name of your favorite Mini.
*  Tell me what you imagine her favorite ice cream flavor to be.
*  The chance to comment ends at Midnight (eastern time) 6/16/08 (today!)
*  I'll write out all of your names with my lucky pen, and put all the names into my lucky hat
*  The lucky winner will be announced Tuesday morning 9:00 a.m. and a story will be written about her chosen Mini including her favorite ice cream flavor!

The rest of the mini ladies will be posted in my shop at noon on Tuesday 6/16/08 if you want to nab one up.  They are very teeny tiny, measuring 4.5 inches tall and can sit in the palm of your hand and remind you to appreciate all those itsy bitsy things in life.  Good luck!  I hope you win!


Meryl said...

My favorite mini is Midge because she looks like a blueberry sorbet kind of girl.


The Odd One said...

I adore mini Midge as well. Her favorite ice cream flavor must bee peanut butter ice cream. With a smidge of honey drizzled on top, of course.

amazingranda said...

I love Katrina!! :)
I think her favorite flavor is chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream.


sameowtha said...

Aw Katrina is just like me! My friends call me saMEOWtha ;)
Katrina loves wedding cake ice cream mixed with peppermint! yum yum! She likes to eat it with a really small spoon so that it melts a little and it makes her savor it longer. She also likes that the flavor seems unexpected of her.. because she is just that sort of girl. :)


sewfunky said...

I love Beatrice... I think her favourite icecream would be chocolate overload... chocolate icecream with chocolate sauce and chocolate hunks! :D

Jen said...

I love your little guys and especially the wonderful stories that accompany them!

I think Katrina is my favourite mini, and she likes plain old vanilla ice-cream.

kimberland designs said...

My favourite is Mallory! How cute is she =)

I think her favourite ice-cream would be strawberry flavoured, topped with whipped cream, syrup and a cherry.

sheridan said...

Hi Nichol,
I love Mallory the most. She loves hokey pokey ice-cream because she loves the tiny, crunchy surprises of honeycomb.
It is also the name of one of her favourite dances.


MiauMau said...

Hello there!

My very favourite lady is Katrina, I just love cats, so I'm a bit biased :)
She looks to me like a caramel ice cream with loads of whipped cream kind of girl... mmm, caramel...

Sandra (find me at sandra_murta (at) hotmail (dot) com )

P.S: This is my first comment, I just love your blog! Read it all from the begining until now. Keep up with your amazing work.

Joree said...

Hi Nichol.

What a wonderful opportunity to win a crazy cute little mini.

My favourite mini is Beatrice (though it was very hard to decide).

Bea loves Amazon Crunch (vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel and chocolate and includes little slivers of almonds) all tucked into a freshly made waffle cone.


Have a wonderful day!


Erin said...

Hi Nichol- very cool giveaway! I love the minis!

My favorite is Midge- I think she would like mint cookies n' cream ice cream.


Tanja said...

My favourite is Midge. She has such a friendy face. I think she prefers honeycomb icecream with a splash of whipped cream on top.
They are all very cute. :)
at_waterman at yahoo dot com dot au

Neža said...

This is a tough choice... but I think I love mini Beatrice the most and that's because of her ears!

Also she eats only double chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and golden maple syrup, sprinkled with roasted pine nuts. Just like me!

I hope this will be a nice week for you too.


Crystal said...

I like Mallory. I think she adores cheesecake ice cream with some cherries or strawberries drizzled on top, depending on her mood at the time.

bozoette said...

I like Katrina's pink hair! She would especially like peppermint chip ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

Bunny B said...

My fave would be Beatrice cos she's a bunny! :P And her fave ice cream would be Pralines and Cream with strawberries on top. Yummy!!

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Anonymous said...

Nichol, they are all so cute! But I think I hear Mallory calling to me. She says she likes Banana Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
Oh it is hard to choose!
I think i will pick Mallory. :)
Her favorite flavor of icecream is strawberry cheesecake!

Melanie said...

I think Midge is so fun! Her favorite flavor would "bee" Ben and Jerry's Berried Treasure sorbet. It has blueberry and blackberry sorbet swirled with lemon sorbet.


Hello, I'm Sally. said...

It's gotta be Beatrice. Her favorite is marionberry gelato in a pink cup with a little spoon.

quitecontrary1977 said...

ms. mallory is my fave. she tells me she likes cheesechae ice cream. whick i think is an excellent choice

Emily said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago. :-)

My favorite is Midge (but, ack, they're all cute!) because she has a supercool name and I think she'd love a swirl of Blue Goo from the Corner Cone in Yellow Springs, Ohio because it would totally match her pants.


frugallm said...

My favorite is Katrina and her favorite icecream is Rocky road!

Kimberly said...

Katrina is my favorite :D
And she strikes me as a Cherry Garcia sort of girl.


tower creations said...

I like Beatrice. I think she would have my taste and like everything Haagen-dazs. She gets the mini cups of them because all the flavors are good and hard to decide which one is better but she will splurge once in awhile and get a big tub of the dulce de leche. mint chocolate chip is up there on the list too, reminds her of grandma.


Melissa said...

My favourite mini is Midge. By the pants, i think she would be a bubble gum ice cream type of girl.

Thanks for such a fun giveaway!


She Fights Like a Girl said...

Oh no doubt Mallory's favorite ice cream is Superman!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Great fun Nichol! I have to say that Katrina is my fave- I just love her pink hair. Katrina tells me she is from Canada, and is in love with Tiger ice cream. It goes well with her cat outfit for one thing, and the other is that it tastes out of this world! An unusual pairing of orange ice cream with black licorice swirls, it looks exactly like a tiger's striped coat. YUM!

lori marie said...

how can i possibly pick just one?

they are all so fabulous! BUT, if i must...i think i favor mallory since she would make such a sweet little friend for the one lonely daydreamer i have hanging out in the tiny house.

if i had to guess, i would say her favorite ice cream flavor would be a sweet and creamy cheescake swirl garnished with a handful sugar dusted posies.


Eva said...

oh my gosh- they are all so adorable!!! but my fave is midge the bee- so cute- i love the bright color combos. i see her as a dulce de leche kind of girl ;-)


thanks for the giveaway!

fuzfrenzy said...

Word on the street is that Katrina's favorite ice cream is homemade vanilla with bits of lady finger cookies topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce. She cries when she eats is because it reminds her of her long lost crush, Octavian, who used to call her Strawberry-head as she swung from the monkey bars during recess.


allieger said...

I think Mallory is my favorite - but what a Sophie's Choice it is! Mallory's favorite ice cream is lemon-lime sorbet with fresh strawberries but secretly she prefers snowcones. She loves the soft whistling sound the ice makes when you suck the sugar syrup out of it.


stacysews said...

My favorite mini is Katrina. She loves rich vanilla bean ice cream with bits of licorice on top.

Puncezilla said...

So hard to chose a favorite! I think Beatrice is devine! And I think she shares my love of cherry custard icecream. The good kind with lots of cherries!


Ingrid said...

What a wonderful giveaway! My favorite mini is Katrina - she is just adorable. I know that her favorite ice cream is strawberry - but not just any ole strawberry, she loves it when it's homemade with fresh strawberries :)


kimberly said...

Am I allowed to have 2 favorites? :) I like Midge (really because I think I'd like to win it to give to Molly for her Bee-Day) and she likes mint chocolate chip ice cream for sure! Mallory is my other favorite, who likes peanut butter ice cream with chunks of peanut butter cup!

Mary said...

My favorite mini is Midge. Midge is a sweet bee who loves Ben and Jerry's 'Coffee! Coffee! Buzz Buzz Buzz'


fated follies studio said...

Mini Katrina is my fave. I think that her favorite ice cream is coffee. Cute giveaway.


meg said...

beatrice is my girl and she would very much like a bowl of dulce de leche ice cream. and me too.

Kaybeth said...

I really like Katrina and I think she would be an earthy organic girl. Her icecream would be soy flavored honey and basil.


Anonymous said...

Katrina! She looks just like me when I was a Freshman in college. :D Her favorite ice cream is the same as mine: Mint Chocolate Chip! Because it's green.

Keep up the awesome work!
- Megan

bethany said...

Midge loves rocky road (and so do I!) These are so cute!!

2lilmonkeys said...

Hi There!!!

Midge is my favorite. she has so much personality! I think her favorite ice cream would be blueberry soft serve. i had it in bar harbor, ME once and then ate it every day for a week! her hair reminds me if it :)

Also i love the question because i am going to start driving an ice cream truck on wednesday!

The little guys are so cute! i have a line of little guys i just reposted after my craft fair...i would love for my fav. teeny little super guy to be able to meet your awesome little super girl!!!

Thanks for the chance,
Meghan aka 2lilmonkeys on etsy!

Jennifer said...

My favorite Tiny is Beatrice. Her favorite ice cream is most certainly Blueberry Crumble with strawberry sauce.

Susan said...

Ohh, count me in. I love Midge because she and I both dig coffee flavored ice cream. Just in case her mom might worry about caffeine, Midge puts whipped cream on the ice cream and makes us both a sundae.