Saturday, May 31, 2008

Selena, Petunia and Mr Dog

The completed order for my lovely neighbor Judy's grandchildren:

Selena is the one with brown hair.  She was born out of a tulip when it opened for the sun.  She spends most of her days flying around other people's gardens, getting whifs of different colored roses.  Sometimes she races the humming birds.  They always win.  A friendly chipmunk knitted Selena the softest, fuzziest most magical slippers.  At night she puts her slippers into action by dancing on the tips of children's noses while they sleep.  They never wake because she is very light on her feet.  When she dances, the slippers tickle their noses and turn their dreams into colorful, musical experiences full of candy that tastes like bits of heaven.

Petunia is a gifted vocalist.  She lives in a magical forest that is very musical.  Everyone in her land has a specific job.  The beavers gather the wood, the elder rabbits shape the instruments, the spiders make the very strong string for the banjos and violas and the squirrels collect the acorns for the maracas.  After the instruments are made and tested, Petunia uses flowers and different colored berries to make colorful paint.  Then, she and the birds of the forest decorate each instrument.  When the sun goes down, they rehearse their songs.  On full moons they perform a concert for the trees.  On rare, but special occasions, when Petunia is hitting all of her notes just right, the trees uproot themselves and dance!

And this is Mr Dog.  He is very hip and happening.

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Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
Oh! All 3 are wonderful! The outfits are all to die for and i absolutely adore your dog!
I would love to commission a pug from you. How do I do that?
:) Melissa