Monday, April 14, 2008

A Wild Weekend and Almost Finished Love Bears

This past weekend definitely upped the energy in our lazy little place.  We had a lot of fun watching kids movies and jumping on the inflatable mattress and eating cookies.  The weather took a turn, unfortunately, and Gretch's little guy came down with an ugly cold so we couldn't go to the museum, but we beat the rainy day blues by sewing birds out of felt.  I completely forgot to photograph that.  I taught Toni (above) how to sew and she was actually pretty into it.  Actually, she was very into it, we sewed felt birds for about 3 hours.  Then we made flowers, then we sewed the flowers onto the birds and then little Gabriel got to throw them around the room!  Above is Toni coloring in my sketchbook at a restaurant that makes pancakes out of cornmeal.  A budding pillow monster maker?

And here is the Panda of Love without legs!  I am almost finished.  Making these little guys has opened up some doors for me, I think.  I like the rough edge you get on felt by hand-sewing them together and I love simple, tiny embroidered faces.  I will definitely be making little creatures in the future.  

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