Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amaya and Hank

Amaya is training to be a Geisha.  Amaya means "night rain" which are two of Amaya's favorite things.  She loves to drink tea and stare at the moon at night before bed.  She has a teeny, tiny sketch book and in it she draws portraits of the moon with her very sharp pencils.  She also loves the feeling of rain on her nose.  She never uses an umbrella, and gets very excited when she sees the clouds darkening because then she knows the rain will come.  When no one is watching she jumps in the puddles.

In Hank's graduating class he was voted "Best Looking".  Hank used his good looks to pursue an acting career.  He was in a short sitcom about the wild, wild west.  He played a cowboy.  Unfortunately, the show never took off after the pilot episode.  Hank thinks the failure of the show maybe due to its low-budget production.  The director couldn't afford horses, so Hank had to ride around on a toy horse, the kind that is just a hose head on a stick.  Since then, he has been doing commercials about cereal.  His favorite kind is Peanut Butter Crunch.  He loves a good crunch, yes sir.

I got my order from Bee Square Fabrics yesterday, and in it was all this Joel Dewberry fabric.  It's called the Aviary and Paperweight Chocolate selection (I got the fat quarter bundle).  I couldn't get it out of its plastic fast enough!  I knew that part of its destiny would be a side-burned pillow monster.  It has been my plan to start being a little more organized, so I cut out 2 Hank shapes out of the fabric and I will make another one to send to the magazine, since Hank the original is over here.  If anyone else wants to send some softies in to STUFFED, they have this open call going on.  It took some digging, but I found the rules and info and things here, but you have to scroll down to the bit where it says "Call for Softie Artwork".  


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Nichol!
I love the new dolls. Your description of getting your fabric in the mail totally made my day. Your passion for your art is wonderful, and I love coming to your blog everyday.

sep said...

Hello Nichol !

Dropping in to say Hi and I think you have great great collections :D! Love reading the description for your dolls!

Mary (craft addict) said...

Wow! Two more fabulous creations, Nichol!

The Odd One said...

That Geisha... She is so adorable. I'm thinking that style might be my favorite!

suze said...

Hi Nichol,
Sunday was nice here too, so I had to work in the yard instead of making art. Have you checked out the fabric at Hancocks of Paducah?
www.Hancocks-Paducah.com They will send you a catalog full of yummy stuff.