Tuesday, March 11, 2008


And, here is Wally who went out to Baby Mathes who entered this world only recently!

Here is Wally's background:

Wally loves going really fast on his red scooter and feeling the wind on his face. Sometimes he ties a towel around his neck and puts a colander on his head and pretends that he is on a very important mission. He has to accomplish these missions in a very fast manner, before it's too late! He doesn't know exactly what his important missions are, but he knows he is a good guy and that he is helping other good guys who are not so fortunate to be as fast as he can be! One time, while on his scooter, a fly flew straight into his cheek, but that did not deter him from his very important mission. He has a friend, George, who is good at art and is going to draw a lightning bolt on his scooter for him.

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