Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Virgil and Vernon

Vernon is the one on the left.  He is a secret spy who works for a very important agency.  He loves spying so much that he doesn't do it for pay.  When he does good work, however, the important agency rewards him with jelly bellies.  Vernon is very swift on his feet, sometimes he moves so fast that he creates a wind that blows his mustache against his cheeks in a way that is ticklish to him.  He does not giggle though, because he does not want to spoil his cover!  The others that work for the important agency don't have the heart to tell him that his mask is not a very incognito disguise.

Vernon's brother, Virgil, is a standup comedian.  He tells good, clean jokes and gets his audience to see the world in a new light.  He has a very funny bit he does about "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".  He is guilty of laughing at his own jokes, but he believes ethically that he shouldn't, so his laugh comes out as a suppressed, high-pitched giggle.  This only adds to his comedic performance.  He is a gentleman and always holds the door open for the ladies.

Do you remember Fabio?  I know it isn't that funny, really, but do you remember when he was filming a commercial for something on a roller coaster, and he was in the front seat, and every other seat was occupied by really beautiful women dressed in Greek attire?  Then, during the roller coaster ride a bird ran into his face!  Photographs were all over the internet of his face being hit by a bird while beautiful women in togas looked on, shocked.  Now Fabio was okay and he is probably very wealthy, and he seems happy, so we can all giggle, but sometimes thinking of that just blows me away in regards to the timing of things.  


Kuky said...

Hee hee! Vernon's mustache tickles his cheeks when he's too quick. :)

Ms Frapcious said...

These two are my favorites!