Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Tree, A Boulder and a Meemo Troll

Milo and Martha are brother and sister.  They both love Shakespeare and want to be actors.  They tried out for Romeo and Juliet when their community theater was having auditions.  They got the part of Tree and Boulder.  They have been practicing very diligently for their important roles.  Milo climbs the oak tree in his front yard and spends hours just observing how the branches sway in the wind.  Martha stands very still in the playground and tries to fool people into thinking that she is not Martha, but a rock.  They are very excited for opening night!

And now, Meemo story number 2!!!

Trevor lives in a small cottage deep in the forest
Now, most trolls live under a bridge and grumble
and growl when someone goes over it
But not Trevor, no, indeed
he likes his friends in the forest and waves at them as he works happily
in his garden

-Phyllis Holsapple

Trevor was my favorite of the Meemo stories.  Just the fact that his name is "Trevor" makes it fun because I associate that name with tennis and martinis for some reason.  Milo and Martha are already on their way to Julia and her two children, thanks Julia!  I have to say that I think it is so adorable when kids play inanimate objects in plays and not only that, but play their parts well and practice for them.  I think I want to do a whole series of that idea---clouds, um...  Well, since clouds was the only other thing I could think of, maybe it will be a short series.  I hope it is as sunny where you are as it is over here!  Have a nice weekend.

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