Sunday, March 23, 2008


Petunia has an extra sensitive nose.  She loves the smell of roses and daisies and lilacs.  She does not like the smell of burnt coffee and wet boots.  A perfect day for Petunia is walking to the park on a sunny day with her favorite person in the whole world, Jaden, who Petunia thinks is so beautiful that she will definitely grow up to be a princess of a fancy kingdom someday where she will wear fancy gowns and ride unicorns.  Being with Jaden is enough to make it a wonderful day, but also eating bubblegum ice cream would make it really, really great.

Petunia is a custom order (I feel very professional writing 'custom order') for Jessica who requested her as a present for her flower girl.  Jessica's wedding colors are dusty rose and midnight blue which I think look really lovely together.  Thanks Jessica!  And, thanks to Molly O (you rock my socks off Molly O!) who either talks really nicely about my pillow monsters to everyone she knows or demands all of her friends to buy them up!  

These were the colors from my wedding--it was rainbow which is also what my mom had when she got married---so each bridesmaid wore a different color.  These cupcakes tasted like heaven too.

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Susan said...

Oh, how nice to have a custom order. She is beautiful and has a sweet story.