Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Drummer and the Lead Guitarrist

Abigail is the drummer for the punk rock band, "The Jelly Fish Sting".  The Jelly Fish Sting is big in Japan.  Abigail made a cat hood for her head to wear during shows because she hates being away from her cat, Tootsie Pop.  Abigail was born to be a drummer.  She is ambidextrous.  She can actually draw with both hands at the same time.  She draws pictures of Tootsie Pop with both hands when she really misses her.  Because she is ambidextrous, she plays drums like no one else.  She likes to think of herself as the beating heart of "The Jelly Fish Sting".

Angie Bonanza plays lead guitar for "The Jelly Fish Sting".  Angie first started playing the ukulele because of the main character in her favorite book, Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli.  Angie liked to bring her uke to school with her, just like Stargirl, and serenade the boy or girl who had a birthday that day.  But, when Angie's older brother came home from his first year away at college and introduced her to "The Clash" she knew that her uke playing days were over.  She still likes to serenade people on their birthdays, but now it is just a little more hardcore.

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