Friday, February 8, 2008

Sonya, Sebastian and Donald

Ohhhh blogger, I neglected you for a day.  Because I'm new to Etsy (I'm hoping it's because I'm new.....this should wear off right), I am compulsive about checking what I post.  I get really anxious to take photos of my finished monsters and then put them in my Etsy store.  Then, I check all my tags to see my new little creation among everyone else's creation.  Then, I check back at my store to see how many views the little guys have.  Then, I wait a couple of minutes and check again.  It's sick I know, but it is really exciting.  So, as you can see I added some boys to the mix.  Little boys are wonderful.  When I worked at a summer camp, I taught at the Astronomy program which meant building rockets, which meant lots of little boys.  They were just the cutest, dirtiest little bundles of fun, and I really loved those days---even though they were mostly spent re-gluing and duct-taping their little rockets, and in some cases taking the mini-frogs out of their payloader rockets.  Why do so many boys torture little frogs?

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