Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simon the Frog and Beatrice the finger puppet

Simon loves sunflowers.  He is not married yet, but he dreams of his bride walking down the aisle with an enormous bouquet of sunflowers, and an extra one for her ear.  In addition to sunflowers, he loves the sun.  He has a pet ferret named Peanut that he takes for walks in the sunshine.  He smiles at everyone, but is shy with the ladies.  He has been a groomsman 24 times!  Always the groomsman never the groom, sigh.

Beatrice is very jumpy and nervous.  She gets startled at the slightest thing.  She has a dog named Woofers.  Woofers is a miniature Pinscher, and he is just as nervous, if not more so than Beatrice.  Together they sit on Beatrice's purple velvet couch and they watch cartoons.  They turn the TV off during the commercials so that they don't catch any previews of the news!

I have a miniature Pinscher.  You may have noticed from some photos.  His name is Albert, and I adore him.  He is so serious.  Dog owners can understand this:  Joseph and I have a voice we do for him.  Sometimes we speak in his voice and pretend like he has his own talk radio show about being a "good boy".  He is a really dog, and he is so, so serious, that I just imagine him obsessing over how to be a good boy and really analyzing his choices so that he always does the most "good boy" thing to do.

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Love your work and love your blog!