Saturday, February 16, 2008

Julie June-Bear and Charles Mc Cheese

Julie June-Bear blushes easily.  As soon as you say her name, her face turns pink.  She is unbearably shy, but incredibly kind.  When she sings "Happy Birthday" to people, she sings so beautifully, but only if there is a large group of people in song, so that nobody will notice her voice.  She has a pet parakeet named Kelliana.  she takes very good care of Kelliana, and every morning they share a banana.

Charles Mc Cheese is very outgoing.  He has read the Dalai Lama's book, The Art of Happiness, and because of what he learned from that, he tells everyone he meets three nice things about them right away.  He can always think of more than three, but he doesn't want to over-do it.  One of his secret talents is that he can curve his tongue into four squiggles.  Most people can only do three if they can do any squiggles at all!  He also loves Superman flavored ice cream and that show about meerkats.

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Susan said...

Hello, I was blog surfing and came across your Valentine's post about Myles the Pillow Monster. I was really moved by it, to tears, in fact. Just wanted you to know Myles touched me, also.
Susan K.