Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Julia loves making soup from scratch and concentrating very closely on things.  Therefore she is very patient.  She drinks hot chocolate in dark corners of cafes where she likes to read by flashlight.  She gets odd looks sometimes, but she doesn't mind because she has a fearless heart.

My next pillow monster will have a frog mask, and I think I will make her tonight.  I used to love frogs.  I got one for my sixteenth birthday from a boy I only sort of knew who I invited to my birthday party.  He was named Ceaser (the frog, not the boy.  the boy was named Dan) because he jumped into the Ceaser's pizza box and we thought that was very funny.  I even have one as a tattoo on my back.  I got it as soon as I turned 18, just because I could.  I don't mind it so much because I only rarely see it----like one of those aunts that live far away.  But,  sometimes I wish I would've drawn something myself or maybe wasn't so hasty in choosing.  My frog obsession has dwindled over the years, but I guess you don't foresee that kind of thing when you are 18! 

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suze said...

Cute story. Maybe you could have your tattoo redone into something else. I don't regret any of my tatt's,it's just that they are old and the new one's are done so much better now.
Glad to hear you love my old car!