Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yesterday's Pillow Monster

Yesterday I did another Snow Princess because they are fun

It was a great day yesterday because I sold two pillows.  My excitement slightly diminished when I found out my brother's girlfriend was the buyer, but it still felt good.   She is a really neat person, I am glad my brother found her.  She snowboards by herself sometimes!  Also, I was proposed a TRADE with a girl that makes this great jewelry--her shop on Etsy is "makepienotwar" --very cool stuff.  THEN, I got my first request for a mural---someone found me off of Craigslist.  Oh happy day!  Maybe I can hold off just a little bit longer before I apply to Starbucks.  I have been really frustrated lately---mainly with previous expectations of life not matching up to how things really are.  But, husband Joseph told me something Mother Theresa once said "It's not that we do great things, but that we do small things with great love."  So, I'm working on it. 

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