Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day Three

Is it okay to have favorites?

Her buck teeth are so large that you can see them from the back of the pillow.

I think she is the peace-keeper.

I think Albert may have sent me subliminal messages to make her with ears.
He is a bit tired of being the only one around who gets his ears made fun of.

I am so pleased with this pillow, and I know my steam may run out, but after three days I have already been forced to be more inventive and try different techniques. It's really a good rhythm to get into, because I have to really push myself, but I can't get too obsessed with detail because I have to be finished in a day. So, things stay simple. I feel those wheels turning on the right side of my brain! Also, because my internet connection is so slow I have been forced to leave my apartment, which needed to be done, really. I am at the library--there are other people around, and it is nice.


Danita said...

Great idea! I like your monsters a lot!

suze said...

What a great idea! I love them. They look great all grouped together. I can't wait to see all thirty of them together.I have a huge bag of fabric in my garage that I was going to sell at my yard sale but maybe not.....